Each year in Australia, 300 – 400 new cases of spinal cord injury are added to an estimated spinal cord injury population of about 9,000. The majority of spinal cord injury cases involve young people aged between 17 and 30 years and males comprise 70-80% of cases.

“It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt” – One mistake can result in being confined to a wheel chair for the rest of your life, creating devastation for the individual and family.

The table below shows that over half of the traumatic spinal cord injuries result from road and motor vehicle related accidents. The category of ‘Struck by or Collision with Person or Object’ relates to workplace injuries, assaults or sporting injuries, including rugby.

Falling is the most common cause of traumatic spinal cord injury in older persons, with no firm evidence that the per capita incidence of spinal cord injury is dropping. On the contrary, the incidence of traumatic spinal cord injury in the group aged 60 years and over has increased in the past decade.

Data source: Cripps RA 2008. Spinal cord injury, Australia, 2006–07. Injury research and statistics series.

Since 1975 so much has changed and evolved in technology and science, however spinal cord injury treatment is still in its infancy. Neil Sachse Foundation is seeking to change the tide and help scientists to bring about life changing results.

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